WWE Responds to Meek Mill Using The Undertaker's Theme Song on His Drake Diss, "Wanna Know"

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When Meek Milldebuted his Drake diss song, "Wanna Know," on Thursday night, the first thing that most people noticed was that the Philadelphia rapper sampled The Undertaker's classic theme song and incorporated it into the first half of the track:

Meek used undertaker entrance music omg 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

— lildevbeats (@lildevbeats) July 31, 2015

For comparison's sake, here is Meek Mill's song:

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And here is The Undertaker's theme:

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A short time after "Wanna Know" was released, the satirical website Huzlersposted a story about how The Undertaker had filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Meek Mill for using his song without his permission. And while the story was obviously fake—it included a fictional quote from The Undertaker with him saying, "I wouldn't have filed a lawsuit if the track was actually good"—more than a few people tweeted about it and posted it on Facebook:

So we reached out to the WWE to see what response, if any, they had to Meek Mill using The Undertaker's theme, which was originally created by legendary WWE composer Jim Johnston. They released a brief but firm statement to Complex Sports.

"WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously," the WWE statement said, "and we are looking into the matter."

It's worth noting that "Wanna Know" is not currently for sale, which means Meek Mill is not profiting directly from it. But we will continue to keep you updated on the situation, and let you know if the WWE decides to pursue any action against the rapper.

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