Watch Angry WWE Fans Prevent Wrestlers From Leaving the Parking Lot After the Royal Rumble

WWE fans weren't happy with the way the Royal Rumble ended this year.

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WWE fans were not happy with the way that the Royal Rumble played out late last month. So according to a few blogs out there, there were some fans who actually tried to prevent wrestlers from leaving the parking lot after the Rumble was over. They were that mad.

No video of anyone stopping wrestlers from leaving actually existed, though. Until now. In the clip above, you can see a group of fans who appear to be stopping wrestlers Fandango and Heath Slater from leaving the parking lot outside of the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia. The video quality isn't great. But if nothing else, it'll allow you to see just how pissed off WWE fans were after the Rumble (Warning: There is a LOT of NSFW language in the clip!).

Props to the guy yelling, "YOU'LL NEVER BE HULK HOGAN!" LOL.

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