The Warriors Have Been Waiting Six Long Months to Sing "I'm in Love With the Coco!" Again

Draymond Green enjoyed singing "CoCo" so, so much.

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Early in the 2014-15 NBA season, the Warriors fell in love with "CoCo," the hit song by O.T. Genasis. After games, they would routinely film themselves singing the song and upload their videos to Instagram. That is, until the Warriors front office discovered what "CoCo" was actually about (welp!) and asked them to stop.

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The Warriors obliged…but apparently, that's only because they had a plan. They decided to stop singing the song for six months, went on to win the 2015 NBA Finals, and then broke it out again last night. And guess what? No one stopped them from doing it because, well, they just won the title! Who's going to tell them they can't sing "CoCo" if they want to do it?!

Here they are in all their glory:

Draymond Green looks like he enjoyed that so much.


Harrison Barnes just uploaded another video that features the Warriors players singing "CoCo" on their team plane today:


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