Here's Sweaty Tom Brady Turning All the Way Up to Migos and Fetty Wap at the Patriots Ring Ceremony

Does Tom Brady look concerned about #DeflateGate to you?

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The NFL suspended Tom Brady for four games last month because of his alleged role in the #DeflateGate scandal. So let's see how worried he looked last night at the Patriots' Super Bowl ring ceremony:

Welp! Is that Brady dancing to…Migos? And wait, there's MORE?!

Fetty Wap, too? And Wiz Khalifa was in the building? And was that Robert Kraft dancing to Young Jeezy? And of course, WE SEE YOU, GRONK! But yo, can't you guys at least pretend that Roger Goodell devastated you last month?

LOL. Okay then. Many Super Bowl rings were handed out last night, but clearly, zero fucks were given.


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