This Is Not the Best Way to Stop a Hit-and-Run Driver

This guy could have been killed.

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When a woman accidentally hit his wife's car in a parking lot in Roswell, Ga. recently and attempted to drive away, Elton Kim wanted to stop her. So, he did the first thing that came to his mind in an attempt to do so—he stood in front of the woman's car. She refused to stop, though, so he jumped onto the hood, held on for dear life, and then rode on top of the car for about two miles as the driver attempted to get away. All the while, the driver of the car was stopping and starting the car in an effort to try and get Kim to let go.

Eventually, he did give up and rolled off the hood of the car safely. As a result, the driver of the car got away and has not been apprehended yet. But police have an iPhone video that was shot by a driver who happened to see what took place and are actively pursuing the suspect. In the meantime, they advise people not to do what Kim did if they witness a hit-and-run take place.

"Never attempt to block a car or jump on the hood to prevent them from leaving," Roswell Police Spokeswoman Lisa Holland said recently. "This could have ended up in a tragic situation. We want everybody to stay safe."

And, just think: All this happened over a minor fender-bender that took place in a parking lot! It hardly seems worth it.

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