Steve Nash Shows Some More Love to OVO by Wearing the New TOPSZN Toque

He's loving the OVO crew.

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Are you wondering why Steve Nash is still not back in the lineup for the Lakers?! Well, from the looks of things, it's because he's too busy repping for the OVO crew right now to be bothered with basketball.

Okay, okay, so that's not entirely true. Truth is, Nash is still nursing a back injury but should be back with the Lake Show sometime soon. In the meantime, though, he's showing a lot of love to Drake's team. He started doing it earlier this week when he repped for TOPSZN on his Twitter account, shortly after OVO artist OB O'Brien released his new song called—what else?—"Steve Nash."

TOPSZN RT @Boi1da: Papis Kobe @ITSOB hit me with the lead pass. Shouts the homie @SteveNash

And he continued showing love earlier today when he allowed the @welcomeOVO Instagram page to use the image that you see above in order to promote their new TOPSZN toque (FYI, a "toque" is what Canadians call a knit hat). The hat will be available tonight.

"@stephennash is regime approved!" @ovoryan wrote on Instagram a little while ago. "Go to tonight @9pm to purchase the TOPSZN X OVO TOQUE @obobrien @champagnepapi#regime #ovo #topszn #stevenash."

So, other than Steve Nash, who wants one?

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[via @WelcomeOVO]

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