After a long hiatus from basketball, Steve Nash was expected to practice with his Lakers teammates today, but he wasn't able to make it after tweaking his back at home. While we weren't given any specifics as to how Nash hurt his back, our guess is that the 39-year-old was feeling the song aptly titled, "Steve Nash" by OB O'Brien of OVO, a little too much. Check out the song below.  


OK, maybe that's not exactly how it all happened, but after seeing this tweet by Nash, we can't help but think that's how it all went down.  

TOPSZN RT @Boi1da: Papis Kobe @ITSOB hit me with the lead pass. Shouts the homie @SteveNash

— Steve Nash (@SteveNash) January 27, 2014

Considering Nash is from Canada, this isn't all too surprising, but now we need dude to get better because if he breaks out the TOPSZN hand gesture because if he does...we're done. We're done. 

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[via Steve Nash]