Stephon Marbury Claims the NBA Once Asked Him to Cover His Starbury Tattoo With a Headband

Marbury hates the NBA.

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Remember when Stephon Marbury tattooed his Starbury logo on the side of his head? Yeah, ya do! How could you forget this?

Today, Marbury's tattoo actually seems pretty tame, especially when you take a look at this guy:

And this guy:

But back in 2008 when Marbury first got the tattoo, people freaked out about it. And as it turns out, the NBA apparently freaked out about it, too, likely because Marbury was using the tattoo to promote his clothing and sneaker brand.

Marbury sat down with Bleacher Report recently for a long feature story about his career in China and, during the course of it, he steadfastly refused to talk about the NBA. He didn't want to speak about his time with the Knicks and told B/R that one of the things that still bothers him about the league is that they once asked him to cover up his Starbury tattoo during games with a headband:

As Marbury talks like a seasoned businessman, there's an anger in him to still prove his doubters wrong from the States, due to his fallout with the Knicks. He won't even touch the topic—"We're not going to do that," he says—and he still has distaste for the NBA, which, he says, called the Knicks and asked him to wear a headband over his Starbury brand logo tattooed on his head.

If this is true, do you blame the NBA for doing it? You can read the rest of the Bleacher Report story here.

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