Steph Curry Keeps the Jersey He Received From the Panthers for His 27th Birthday Locked in a Safe

He’s going to wear it to Super Bowl 50.

When Steph Curry turned 27 last March, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera visited the Warriors star at Oracle Arena and presented him with a custom No. 30 jersey:

Curry has worn the jersey on several occasions since then, and apparently, he guards it with his life whenever he takes it off. He spoke with the San FranciscoChronicle earlier this week about his relationship with Cam Newton and his love for the Panthers as a whole and talked about how he’s going to wear his custom jersey when he attends Super Bowl 50 next week. But until then, he's got it locked away.

“That one is my go-to,” he said. “It’s in a safe.”

That seems kind of excessive, no? It’s a jersey, not a championship ring. But then again, the Panthers have only lost one game since Rivera gave Curry the jersey, so maybe he should do whatever he can to protect it.

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[via San Francisco Chronicle]

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