Spanish Matador Suffers "Eviscerated Testicle" During Bull Fight, Charges It to the Game

Note to self: Don't become a Spanish matador.

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WARNING, warning, WARNING, warning, WARNING: Do not watch the video above if you are eating, have a weak stomach, or, well, are a guy!!!!! It features Spanish matador Marco Galan suffering what is being described as an "eviscerated testicle" (could they have come up with a more painful-sounding word than "eviscerated"?!) during a recent bull fight. And it looks LIKE TORTURE.

Galan—who said the incident "wasn't my greatest moment" in what may go down as the understatement of the year—is thankfully OK after the incident (and by "OK," we, of course, mean "alive…even if he's got an eviscerated testicle"). But after he was violated by the bull, he fell down and started bleeding profusely from his groin. He had to be taken to a hospital immediately and treated for his gash. Despite everything he went through, though, he still plans on fighting bulls in the future and is really downplaying what took place.

"These things happen when you go in the ring," he said. "But bad things can also happen just walking down the street."

Maybe so. But when's the last time you heard of someone "eviscerating" anything while walking down the street? OUCH.

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