Skip Bayless Made Kevin Durant Really Mad Once By Criticizing Him on Twitter

Kevin Durant once told a reporter to ask him a question about something Skip Bayless said about him on Twitter so he could address it.

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Kevin Durant apparently does the one thing that no professional athlete or celebrity should ever do: He reads everything that everyone writes about him online, even though most of the things that get published online and on social media are extremely critical of him. According to reporter Royce Young, who wrote a piece about why KD ultimately decided to leave the Thunder earlier this week, KD is known for skimming through stories and tweets about himself. Young says it’s one of the reasons KD has had such a contentious relationship with the media over the last few years:

But it seems there’s one person in the media who bothers KD more than anyone else. That person is, not surprisingly, Skip Bayless. KD has ripped the former ESPN First Take talking head on Twitter in the past, so you might think that he would have blocked Skip by now. But Young reports that KD routinely checks his Twitter feed after games—including playoff games—to see what people are saying about him. And on one occasion, he reportedly got so upset about something Skip said about him that he texted a reporter right away and asked him to ask KD a question during his post-game press conference so that he could address the tweet:

Young didn’t specify when this took place, but he may have been referencing the time KD talked about how Skip “doesn’t know a thing about basketball” back in April 2012 after Skip was critical of Russell Westbrook for taking too many shots during a game. Regardless, it’s clear that Skip is one of the guys to blame for the way KD feels about the media today.

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