Shaquille O'Neal Is Getting His Own Statue

Safe to say it's not going to be built in Boston, eh?

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Shaq is probably still licking his wounds after suffering another early playoff exit at the hands of the Heat last night. But there's still cause for celebration in the O'Neal household, because it was recently announced that the legendary NBA big man is getting his own statue! So, where exactly will this statue exist? Orlando? Los Angeles? Cleveland!?!?!

Nah, son. The 900-pound statue will be placed outside of the new Pete Maravich Assembly Center at Louisiana State University, where Shaq ruled the paint during his college basketball days. It'll feature him throwing down one of his signature dunks. So, uh, no shots, LSU, but Shaq has been out of school for 20 years now. WTF took you so long? [via USA Today]

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