Russell Wilson Says His First Fight With Ciara Was Over an Instagram Video She Made About Tom Brady

Ciara was repping Tom Brady "all day, every day" just before she started dating Russell Wilson.

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Ciara might be dating Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson right now. But back in January, the R&B singer took to Instagram and insinuated that her favorite NFL quarterback was Tom Brady. Shortly after the Patriots beat the Ravens to advance to the AFC Championship Game, Ci-Ci posted a video to IG and proclaimed that she would rep Brady "all day, every day" in it:


Wilson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and, while most of the interview featured him giving bland answers about his current contract situation and his baseball career, Jimmy Kimmel managed to get a little bit of a reaction out of him when he played Ciara's video. Wilson laughed when Kimmel played it before admitting that he hadn't seen the clip until recently.

"That was our first argument," Wilson said. "I saw that about a week ago."

Wilson also revealed that Ciara offered up a pretty lame excuse for why she made the video when he asked her about it.

"Her response was, the following week she was cheering for the Seattle Seahawks and that she was rooting for us the whole time," he said. "I don't know."

"I don't know" is right. It seems highly unlikely that Ciara went from repping Brady "all day, every day" to magically cheering for Wilson and the Seahawks, but…

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