Russell Westbrook Takes a Jab at Charles Barkley for Hating on His Pre-Game Outfits

Watch Russell Westbrook take a shot at Charles Barkley for hating on his pre-game outfits.

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While there are plenty of NBA players who wear all kinds of crazy outfits before games now, very few of them come even remotely close to topping Russell Westbrook in the style department. Westbrook always makes a fashion statement prior to games and is known for taking style risks. We reviewed some of his best (and worst) looks from the 2016 NBA Playoffs here.

Charles Barkley has been critical of some of the stuff Westbrook has worn in the past. Before one playoff game in particular last postseason, Barkley was outraged when a clip of Westbrook walking into an arena was shown on live TV:

Westbrook appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, and at one point, Jimmy Fallon showed some photos of a bunch of Westbrook’s best pre-game looks. Westbrook was obviously proud of most of them. "That’s pretty fresh, don’t you think?" he asked Fallon. "I love it."

And Fallon couldn’t help but point out that, while he likes most of the looks, Barkley doesn’t. "You know," he told Westbrook, "Charles Barkley gives you a hard time."

To which Westbrook responded: "Who?!"

You can watch Westbrook’s interaction with Fallon below, courtesy of Fred Katz, a Thunder beat writer for the Norman Transcript:

Ha. Well played, Westbrook. Elsewhere in the show, Westbrook and Fallon also competed in a random object football toss. Neither was very good at it:

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You can check out Westbrook's entire Tonight Show appearance here.

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