Charles Barkley's off-the-cuff reaction to Russell Westbrook's outfit of choice tonight was hilarious.


Westbrook is known for his, shall we say, eccentric and often polarizing style choices. Some reputable fashion sources consider him the most stylish man in the NBA, while others couldn't disagree more. 

He pushed the envelope again tonight, sporting a top that many, including Ernie Johnson, said resembled a quilt. 

Charles Barkley's thoughts as he watched Westbrook walk in to the AT&T Center? "Oh my God. What the hell? What the hell is that?"

Kenny Smith had more love for Westbrook's top, claiming: "If I was 30 years or younger, I would wear that."

As always, Twitter had some thoughts.

.If Russell Westbrook didn't wear that Walker Texas Ranger outfit the thunder wouldn't be getting embarrassed right now

— .Lench Mob E (@_Good_Fella) May 1, 2016

That Russell Westbrook outfit is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

— Antonio G (@antwnzrr) May 1, 2016

I actually think Russell Westbrook's outfit is fresh af

— Baby G (@Greg__Stinson) May 1, 2016

Westbrook struggled Saturday night, scoring 14 points in the Spurs' 124-92 blowout win.

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