Robert Horry’s Response to Tracy McGrady Asking for One of His Rings: “Nah, Dog, You Got to Earn It”

Robert Horry isn’t sharing any of his championship rings with Tracy McGrady.

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Robert Horry has seven NBA championship rings, so if anyone could spare one right now, it would be him. But that doesn’t mean that he’s going to give any of his rings away. And unfortunately, Tracy McGrady found that out the hard way today on ESPN’s The Jumpwhen he asked Horry if he could have a ring.

“Nah, dog,” Horry said. “You got to earn it. It wouldn’t be right if I just gave it to you, right? You did a lot of great things in the NBA, but you know…”

Yoooooooooo. T-Mac walked right into that, so he has no one but himself to blame for it. But damn. The look on his face after Horry said that says it all:

Is it too late for T-Mac to try and convince a playoff team to sign him?!

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