Did Soon-to-Be-Divorced Robert Griffin III Already Tattoo His New Girlfriend’s Name on His Arm?

It looks like Robert Griffin III tattooed his new girlfriend Grete Sadeiko's name on his arm even though he's still technically a married man.

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Well, this Robert Griffin III divorce story certainly escalated quickly…

Late Monday, Cleveland.com reported that RG3 is in the process of filing for divorce from Rebecca Liddicoat, his wife of three years. According to the site, RG3 and Liddicoat—who had a daughter in 2015—have been separated for a few months now, and RG3 has been open with his teammates and his coaches about what he’s going through. Sources told Cleveland.com that it’s been "a difficult time" for RG3 but that he’s been seeking help from his friends and family to get through it.

It sounds like one of those "friends" might include a new girlfriend. According to TMZ Sports, RG3 has already started dating again and is currently seeing Grete Sadeiko, a 23-year-old track star at Florida State. And things sound like they're getting serious. So serious that TMZ Sports is reporting that RG3 tattooed Sadeiko’s full name on his right arm at a tattoo parlor in Cleveland in July. TMZ Sports blew up the photo above and, sure enough, it appears as though Sadeiko’s name is right there in plain sight:

RG3 hasn’t spoken up about his divorce yet or his relationship with Sadeiko. But didn’t the Browns cut ties with Johnny Manziel to avoid these kinds of off-the-field distractions?! If all of this has already transpired before the second preseason game, it’s looking like it might be a long season for Cleveland.

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