Robert Griffin III "Likes" a Negative Instagram Post About the Redskins, Blames an Intern for It

More bad news for RGIII.

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After the Redskins announced that Kirk Cousinsis going to be their starting quarterback this season on Monday, our first thought was, "Good, now we won't have to hear Robert Griffin III slander every single day during the NFL season." The season hasn't even started yet, and we've already been subjected to it on a daily basis this summer. But apparently, even with RGIII on the bench, he's going to continue to make headlines.

Last night, an angry Redskins fan put up an Instagram post ripping his favorite team and their "sorry ass owner" Daniel Snyder for misusing RGIII's talents. As you can see in the post below, the fan really went in on the entire Redskins organization while simultaneously pledging his allegiance to RGIII "no matter if he's the starter, backup, or played for another team":

Of course, this fan wasn't the only fan to put something like this on social media yesterday. But he is the only fan, to our knowledge, to get a "like" from RGIII. As SB Nationfirst reported, RGIII's official Instagram account "liked" the fan's photo a couple hours after it went up:

Welp. The account then "unliked" it a short time later. But obviously, that didn't stop people from talking about it. And apparently, RGIII caught wind of the reaction it received and decided that he needed to address it. So he jumped on Instagram last night, posted a photo that said, "I JUST WANTED TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT," and then went on to explain that an intern was to blame for the Redskins fan's photo getting a "like" in the first place. Here's his story:

Of course, people are now responding to his explanation by saying, "We believe you, RGIII! Thanks for explaining yourself!" Er, yeah. Or something:

We actually think that his intern story, while lame, is pretty believable. It's not out of the realm of possibility for a social media intern to have access to a pro athlete's account like this. And truthfully, we want to believe that RGIII isn't dumb enough to "like" a negative Redskins post on Instagram at a time like this. But this is just one more thing that's keeping RGIII's name in the news for all the wrong reasons right now. Ugh.

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