Watch a 'Price Is Right' Contestant Say "Who?" When She's Asked a Question About LeBron James

Who doesn't know who LeBron James is in 2015?

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Yesterday morning, Drew Carey asked a The Price Is Right contestant from Ohio if there was anyone he wanted to say hello to back home. He responded by saying his wife, his family, and—who else?—LeBron James. It was further proof that the state of Ohio loves LeBron.

That wasn't the best part of the shout out, though. Instead, the best part came a few seconds later when one of the Ohio native's fellow Price Is Right contestants spun the wheel. She gave a few shout outs as well and then Carey asked her if she wanted to say hello to LeBron, too. Her response: "Who?"

Yes, that's right. It's 2015—and this lady has no idea who LeBron James is. Well, either that or she just wasn't listening to Carey when he asked the question. Either way, check out the clip above to see the shout outs for yourself.

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