This GIF of an Oregon Player Crying on the Sideline Last Night Sums Up the Ducks' Game Against Stanford Perfectly

Millions of Oregon fans were in tears, too.

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Did you miss the Oregon/Stanford game last night? If so, then this GIF is really the only thing you need to see to know how the game went for Oregon. Although the Ducks made a late rally to make the final score 26-20, they were actually down 26-0 entering the fourth quarter and were getting completely dominated in every phase of the game. And that made one Oregon player, wide receiver Josh Huff, very, very sad. And frustrated. And pissed off. And…well, just check out that GIF of him above. Huff was caught crying on the sideline before the start of the fourth quarter and experiencing some sort of emotional meltdown. And something tells us he wasn't the only person dressed in Oregon gear shedding a few tears last night.

Oh well, Oregon fans. There's always next year, right? This one is going to sting for awhile, though.

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