We all know, "There's no crying in baseball!" But who are we kidding? That should apply to all sports, as well as the fans in the stands. If you're an adult save the absurd waterworks until you're out of public view, or better yet, not at all. There's not much of a better indicator for an empty life then blubbering like a Speaker of the House because "your guys" lost a game.

Emotional investments are what make sports fun, but they're also what make sports completely insane. To watch a grown man, with real problems, breakdown over a loss is equal parts heartfelt and disturbing (actually, it's like 99-1 in favor of disturbing). Plus, what type of example is it to set for the kids? When they're young they'll think that sobbing adult was just as invested as they (and it's normal to wig out uncontrollably) but as they grow older they'll realize "That guy must've been one of the most depressed people on Earth." Teach them how to be a man by repressing any emotion they may ever have. Or, teach them to channel uncontrollable anger.

How did you act the last time you were dumped? Do you wish you could take your shitty feelings back? We bet that's how these people feel. If Steve Bartman could hold it together, then so should you. Here's some fans who suffered emotional breakdowns in the crowd with the footage to prove it. Check out our gallery of Fans Crying in the Stands.

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