Nick Young Raps About Iggy Azalea on 'Wild 'N Out,' Answers a Crazy Question About Her Skills in the Bedroom

Think Iggy will be happy about this?

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When we first heard that Nick Young was going to make an appearance on MTV2's Wild 'N Out last night, we knew that someone was going to go at him with an Iggy Azalea punchline. We just didn't realize how quickly it was going to happen.

During the "Wildstyle" portion of the show, Nick Cannon was up first and it took him less than five seconds to bring up Iggy's name as he squared off against Young.

"How you gon' come on this show with them ugly ass pants?" Cannon rapped. "You be at home like, 'Iggy, give me one more chance! Iggy, Iggy, give me one more chance!'"

Not to be outdone, Swaggy P fired back with an Iggy punchline of his own and, while his delivery was all kinds of terrible, his response wasn't half bad.

"My name Nick, and I run the ball," he rapped, "you just mad 'cause Iggy sell more albums than yours!"

During another portion of the show, Swaggy also answered a very personal question after he was asked how Iggy does when she goes, er, "down under." He managed to find a way to answer the question without landing on the couch again. Watch here:

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Well played, Nick, well played.

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