Michael Vick Was Spotted Taking a Dog-Training Class at a PetSmart in New Jersey Recently

Canine lovers won't like this.

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As we told you way back in October, Michael Vickis the proud owner of a dog again. And, for a whole lot of reasons that we'd rather not get into again here, that offends a bunch of people out there. But, those people would probably be happy to know that, at the very least, MV is making an effort to do right by his dog this time around. Specifically, he's been attending dog-training classes at a PetSmart in New Jersey—as seen in the photo in the thumbs gallery above—and trying to find out the right techniques for training a dog.

We know that probably won't satisfy everyone out there who thinks that Vick should be banned from being able to own a dog because of what he's done to dogs in the past. But, if he's going to be allowed to have one, we think it's great that he's doing everything he can to take care of it.

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