Matt Barnes Tried to Wish His Ex Happy Birthday and It Backfired Immediately

No surprise here: Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan still don't get along.

Gloria Govan, the ex-wife of former NBA player Matt Barnes, celebrated her 33rd birthday on Thursday. To mark the occasion, Barnes—who has endured his fair share of well-publicized problems with Govan over the course of the last few years—took to Instagram to post a photo of Govan along with the couple’s twin boys. He also shared what appeared to be a nice message for Govan wishing her a happy birthday.

"Although things have been rocky to say the least the last 4 years I hope that for the sake of our two beautiful baby boys we can come together & co parent them to the best of our abilities!" Barnes wrote. "No more games or bullshit… They need both of our love & support equally! We lead different lives now but we still on the same team."

There didn’t seem to be anything malicious attached to the caption Barnes wrote. But apparently, Govan didn’t see things that way. Because shortly after Barnes’ IG photo went up, Govan clapped back at Barnes in the comments section with a message of her own. She did say thank you—but she quickly followed it up by taking aim at Barnes and pointing out that she is scheduled to see him in court next week over a legal situation brewing between the two.

"Thank you, I think?" Govan wrote. "And yes One can only continue to pray that you take your own advice and learn to peacefully co parent! But until then I’ll see you in court next week because you love a frivolous lawsuit. But hey let’s keep co-parenting."

Okaaaaaaay then.

Well that escalated quickly. #MattBarnes birthday salute to ex wife #GloriaGovan yesterday ended with court battle talk.

— YBF CHIC (@TheYBF) February 23, 2018

While Barnes didn’t seem to intend to throw shots at Govan with his original message, his tone changed when he responded to Govan’s comment with another message. This time, he lobbed some pretty serious allegations at Govan before punctuating his comment with a slightly pettier version of "happy birthday."

"Well…" Barnes wrote. "Stealing money my social security # & forging my signature to buy your parents night club & house is pretty serious. But hey…I tried! See you in court! Oh & happy bday."

Barnes also posted this on IG later.

At this point, Barnes and Govan have been going back and forth like this for years, so none of this is all that surprising. But it’s pretty amazing to see that, after all this time, the hate they have for one another still seems to be so fresh in their minds. Maybe one day that will change, but for now, don’t count on that day coming anytime soon.

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