Mario Chalmers Referred to LeBron James as "That Guy" During the Heat's Media Day

To his credit, Chalmers seemed to regret doing it immediately.

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The last four years have been awesome for all of the Heat players. They got to play alongside of LeBron James and got to win two NBA championships while doing it. But the next year or so is going to be rough now that LeBron has returned to the Cavaliers. Don't get us wrong—the Heat still have some talent and should be a playoff team during the upcoming season. But everyone on the Heat roster is going to have to continue to field questions about LeBron and it won't take long for it to get old.

It started today during the Heat's media day down in Miami. Even though LeBron is now long gone, reporters still asked Heat players tons of questions about him. But according to Sun-Sentinel writer Ira Winderman, at least one of LeBron's former teammates refused to say his name. He seemed to regret doing it, but rather than call LeBron by name, Mario Chalmers referred to him as "that guy" when he was asked a question about him:


And so it begins. Chalmers refers to LeBron as "that guy" at Heat media day. Photographer said Chalmers appeared "regretful" about comment.

— Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) September 26, 2014

His entire quote was "It's going to be the same even though we don't have that guy."

We hope Chalmers isn't tired of the LeBron questions already. Because there are plenty more on the way. Somehow, some way, the Heat are just going to have to learn to deal with them as they try and move forward without LBJ.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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