Magic Johnson Told Dwight Howard He Would Never Play in the NBA

Good thing nobody ever hired Magic to be a talent scout.

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It's amazing to think that, once upon a time, someone thought that Dwight Howardwouldn't play in the NBA. It's even more amazing when you consider the fact that that "someone" was Magic Johnson. In an ESPN interview Howard did recently about the new adidas miCoach fitness game, he revealed that when he was 15, he met Magic—who promptly told him that he'd never be big enough to play in the league.

"He said I was too skinny," Howard said. "Magic inspired me by telling me I wasn't going to make it, that I was too little. I was in 10th grade when he told me I was too skinny to play in the NBA. I said, OK, we'll see."

*presses play on this* [via ESPN]

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