Raptors Guard Lou Williams Allegedly Has Two Girlfriends, J.R. Smith Is Very Impressed

This rumor about Raptors guard Lou Williams having two girlfriends is crazy.

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Raptors guard Lou Williams played a great game for Toronto last night. He came off the bench to score 18 points against the Magic and helped the Raptors earn a victory. So it shouldn't come as a surprise to see that Williams' name has landed in a bunch of headlines this morning. What is surprising, though, is what his name is in the headlines for.

Back in early October, the gossip site Baller Alert received a tip that indicated that Williams is involved in a relationship with two women right now. And while that in and of itself isn't particularly shocking or even newsworthy—it's not the first time anyone has heard about an NBA player dating more than one woman at the same time—what is kind of crazy is that both women allegedly know about each other and have agreed to an unorthodox relationship that involves all three of them going out in public and spending time together.

According to Baller Alert, the girls' names are Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell—or "Blonde" and "Brown," as Williams affectionately refers to them—and there are plenty of pictures of both girls with Williams on social media. Here are a few photos of the girls that have appeared on Williams' Instagram in recent weeks and months:






So why is the news about Williams' alleged dating status coming out now? Well, part of it is because several sites other than Baller Alert—see here and here—picked up the story and ran with it yesterday. Part of it is because Knicks guard J.R. Smith saw one of those stories and gave Williams a shout out last night:


LouWill if this is tru you are the man!

— JR Smith (@TheRealJRSmith) December 16, 2014

And part of it is because Twitter then got wind of what Williams is allegedly doing in his personal life and went in. Seriously, there are more "Lou Williams the real MVP!" tweets than we can count and, as a result, "Lou Williams" has been trending all morning:


Lou Williams you the real MVP

— Beach Bum (@FLKeysBeachBum) December 16, 2014


Lou Williams takes the real MVP award for this year.

— mufasa (@ayomims) December 16, 2014

As of now, Williams hasn't confirmed or denied the rumor about his love life. He's obviously worried about more important things at the moment. But because of the reaction that the Baller Alert report has received over the course of the last 24 hours, we'd expect him to say something soon to clarify the situation. So stay tuned.

[via Baller Alert]

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