Lolo Jones Is Sad to See Drake and Serena Williams Making Out

Sorry, Lolo!

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A lot of people are excited about the idea of Drake and Serena Williamsbecoming an item:

Drake & Serena are so cute . Love it !

— Alicia Daniella (@keepupwithle) August 24, 2015

Lolo Jones is not one of them. Despite the fact that she once made a joke about Drizzy when he hosted the ESPY Awards that didn't go over well with people, it seems Lolo might have a thing for him. So when she saw the photos of Drake and Serena making out today, she issued this response:

Drake and Serena making out?! Bad enough competing against his groupies and now the best female athlete?!

— Lolo Jones (@lolojones) August 24, 2015

So many tears.

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