Lingerie Football League Coach Delivers Pregame Locker Room Speech That Would Make Ray Lewis Proud

"You're not $^&%#@! ready!"

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Some days, I just don't feel like I'm ready to give it my all. It's like, I want to blog as hard as I can. But then, I get stuck watching some stupid cat videos or reading about the history of the NBA Draft lottery and I'm just like, "Meh, whatever. This post about LeBron James picking his nose will do!"

On those days, I will now press play on this amazing video of Lingerie Football League coach Keith Hac delivering a pre-game locker room speech to his Chicago Bliss team. I have no clue if the Bliss won after this speech. But I know that I will win every time I watch this. Check out the video (Just a warning: It contains LOTS of NSFW language!) and try not to go outside and run laps around your house as soon as it's over.

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