Lennox Lewis Says He Still Has a Scar From the Time Mike Tyson Bit Him, Admits He Almost Fought in the WWE

The bite ended up costing Iron Mike $335,000.

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Everyone remembers the time that Mike Tyson bit a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear off. But that's not the only time Iron Mike bit one of his opponents.

During a January 2002 press conference to promote their June 2002 fight, Tyson and Lennox Lewis got into a huge brawl that resulted in people from both fighters' camps getting involved. You can watch the melee here:

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As the two fighters were scrapping, Tyson actually bit Lewis on his leg. And during an interview on TSN's Off the Record this week, Lewis—who beat Tyson in their fight and later won $335,000 from him in a lawsuit—revealed that he still has a scar from the infamous bite.

"There is a scar," he said, "like a quarter. Round and still there."

Lewis talks about the fight/bite at around the three-minute mark of the clip above. Elsewhere in the video, Lewis also admits that Vince McMahon once offered him a lot of money to fight Brock Lesnar in 2002. He ultimately decided not the accept his offer after the WWE told him that they planned on forcing him to wear boxing gloves during the match, but it sounds like it came close to happening. Check out the video at around the nine-minute mark to hear him talk about it.

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