LeBron James Jr. Already Getting Recruited by College Coaches

LeBron James' son is only 9 right now.

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LeBron James Jr. is only 9. So at the moment, the only things he should be worried about are recess, play dates, and the birthday party that he's going to next Saturday. But LBJ Jr. is obviously not like most 9-year-old kids. So in addition to worrying about all of those things, he's also going to have to start worrying about college basketball recruiters at some point in the very near future.

As far as we know, no one has actually started actively recruiting Lil' LeBron just yet. But during an interview yesterday, Ohio State head basketball coach Thad Matta revealed that LeBron's son is going to be on his recruiting radar very soon. He didn't really elaborate on what he meant by that. But he told Ohio State beat writer Eric Seger that he's keeping an eye on what LBJ Jr. can do on the court:


Thad Matta said LeBron James, Jr. "will be" on his radar for recruiting. The kid is 9 years old.

— Eric Seger (@EricSeger33) October 2, 2014

Again, the kid is just 9. So it's crazy to think that he's going to be fielding college scholarship offers soon. But if we've learned anything in recent years, it's that college basketball (and football) coaches will do anything to land top recruits—even if that means trying to get them to commit to their schools when they're still too young to watch PG-13 movies. So LeBron's son is probably in for a looooooong recruiting period in the coming years.

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