Kobe Bryant Unfollowed All of His Lakers Teammates on Twitter Today

He's only following 38 people now.

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Kobe Bryant can't play basketball right now and is bored. Very bored. So earlier today, he thought, "What can I do to not be bored?" And since he can't play ball at the moment, he decided, "AH-HA! I'll unfollow every single Lakers player on Twitter. That will make me feel better for, like, 45 seconds." And just like that, he was no longer following any of his Lakers teammates.

Okay, okay, so that's not actually what Kobe thought earlier today. But he did unfollow all of his Lakers teammates on Twitter. He still follows Bill Clinton, Richard Sherman, and Muhammad Ali. But if you look through the list of his 38 Twitter followers, you won't find Pau Gasol, Nick Young, or any other Lakers players anymore. They're all gone.

How deep should we all look into this? Not deep at all. Without basketball, KOBE IS BORED, YOU GUYS! Well, either that, or he's just tired of seeing Pau try to feign enthusiasm about the Lakers' 2013-14 NBA season. But regardless of the reason, he's finished following his Lakers teammates on Twitter.

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