Kobe Bryant Gave an Emotional Speech to the Staples Center Crowd Following His Final Game

Kobe Bryant’s career is officially over.

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Kobe Bryant’s NBA career is officially over. He dropped 60 points during his final game tonight and led the Lakers to a comeback win over the Jazz. And before Kobe stepped off the court for the last time, he took a few moments to address the crowd that came to see him off at the Staples Center.

During Kobe’s emotional speech, he talked about how fast his NBA career went, what it meant for him to be a Laker, and the impact his fans have had on him. And when he was done, he left everyone with the two words many people were hoping he wouldn't say: "Mamba out."

Watch Kobe's speech in the video above. Even though we’ve been inundated with Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe for days now, it’s still hard to believe that this...is...it.

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