Here’s How NBA Fans and Players Reacted to Kobe Bryant Dropping 60 Points in His Final Game

Kobe Bryant's final game was one for the history books.

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When the final game of Kobe Bryant’s career started tonight, no one—no one—expected him to drop 60 points during it. Most sportsbooks projected Kobe would score somewhere in the range of 25 to 27 points. But despite that, Kobe dropped 60 points (!!!) on the Jazz.

Did it take Kobe 50 field-goal attempts to do it? Yes. Did he shoot the ball almost every time he touched it? Yes. But was it fun to see the game go down the way it did? YES. It was the sixth 60-point game of Kobe’s career—and it was a joy to watch. It even got Kanye West to smile:

And it’s going to make it hard for a lot of people to come to terms with the fact that they just saw Kobe play for the final time in his career.

Kobe having fun out on the court one last time made Twitter a lot of fun tonight. Here is how NBA fans reacted to him dropping 60 points during the game:

Some of Kobe's fellow players had some great reactions, too:

We'll all miss this.

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