Kobe Bryant Didn't Try to Convince LeBron James to Join the Lakers Last Summer

Kobe didn't even bother recruiting LeBron James last summer.

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Remember last summer when Kobe Bryant kinda, sorta said that he wouldn't mind playing alongside LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony in Los Angeles? It had the Internet going nuts for, like, six hours before everyone realized that there was pretty much no way LeBron and Carmelo were going to end up in gold and purple playing for the Lakers. But later that summer, Kobe did try to recruit Carmelo to come to L.A.

Apparently, he didn't do the same for LeBron, though. With the Cavaliers in L.A. today to take on the Lakers, LeBron was asked whether or not Kobe reached out to him at all last summer to recruit him. And LeBron responded by giving a very short, very direct answer:


LeBron James when asked if Kobe Bryant recruited him during free agency this summer: "No"

— Dave McMenamin (@mcten) January 15, 2015

We can't say that we're necessarily surprised about this. The Lakers had next to no shot of landing LeBron, with or without Kobe's help. But doesn't it seem like LeBron and Kobe would have at least talked about the possibility of maybe playing together? Eh, guess not.


[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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