Kevin Durant Reveals What He Keeps Inside His Backpack

This is truly fascinating stuff!

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Holy shit! How did we miss this story!?! Oh, that's right. We went to sleep about an hour before the Thunder/Grizzlies game ended last night—yeah, it was that bad!—so, of course, we missed Kevin Durant's post-game interview were he finally revealed what he keeps inside of the ridiculously-large backpack that he keeps wearing to press conferences. Fortunately, we've got the Internets to keep us abreast on all things Kevin-Durant's-backpack! Soooo, are you ready to find out what's in there? Are you sure? ARE YOU SURE?

In his backpack, he keeps...*drumroll please*...His iPad (okay!). A Bible (cool!). His headphones (Makes sense!). A cell phone charger (Good thinking!). And...Well, that's it. That's all that's in there. That's the big payoff we've all been waiting for. Hmmm...kind of a disappointment, eh? [via SB Nation]

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