Sorry, Kevin Durant, But Lil B's Curse Has Still Not Been Lifted!

Word to Jodie Meeks.

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The on-again, off-again Kevin Durant/Lil B beef is officially back on again.

Back in 2011, Lil B placed "The Based God's Curse" on KD after the Thunder star came out and publicly admitted that he couldn't believe Lil B was relevant:

And that curse was one of the things that some people (see: Lil B fans) blamed Oklahoma City's loss to the Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals on. But a few days after Miami's victory, Lil B inexplicably lifted the curse and told KD that he was free to start winning again:

Since then, though, the curse has seemingly been on and off a number of times for a variety of different reasons. And now, it appears as though it's on again thanks to the song, "Fuck KD," that Lil B dropped over the weekend:

And weirdly, it appears as though the curse is working. How else do you explain Jodie Meeks channeling his inner Lil B and dropping a career-high 42 points against the Thunder yesterday afternoon? How do you explain the Lakers—who lost to the Clippers by almost 50 points on Thursday—beating the Thunder? HOW THE HELL DO YOU EXPLAIN IT?!

The only explanation is the curse:

No, really, it's the curse:

No, but REALLY:

HAHAHA. You guys:

Wow. We've officially taken this curse to another level, huh? Thank you, Based God (and Phil for the dope Photoshops)! Now when are you going to take the curse off again so KD can get back to work?

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