So Nobody Was Interested in Hearing Juwan Howard Rap Today, Huh? (Video)

Juwan Howard is one of the NBA players featured on the new rap album, "Full Court Press Vol. 1."

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Juwan Howard used to do a lot of rapping in the shower. We know this because, during an interview with WTJV back in 2012, he admitted it. At the time, he was 39 and had just agreed to be a part of a new rap album called Full Court Press Vol. 1, a project that was set to feature 14 NBA players rapping. And he had gotten into the studio with Rick Ross and Trina to drop a verse.

"I started having fun with it," he said. "I was like, you know what? I've done this before at home in the shower, but now it's real in the studio...I started getting into the beat. I have a little rhythm."

A little rhythm? Hmmm…We were skeptical.

And as it turns out, we had every right to be skeptical. Because earlier this week, a trailer for Full Court Press was released—the album is now scheduled to drop this fall and will include Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Stephen Jackson, Carlos Boozer, and more—and it featured a short clip of Howard rapping. And that clip proves that he does have a "little" rhythm with a lot of emphasis on the word little. Just take a look at this Vine that was created using a clip from the trailer:



We weren't the only ones confused by Howard's rapping, either. Even though it's only a small snippet, Howard has not received a very favorable response to his rapping on Twitter today:

HA. Plies?!

Howard isn't terrible when you consider that his only previous rapping experience is rapping "in the shower." And who knows? Maybe the addition of Rick Ross and Trina will make his song sound halfway decent (assuming they're still on it?).

But WTF? At 41, this probably isn't the time for him to be launching a new career, especially one that involves him dropping bars.

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