John Calipari and Drake Had Dinner Together Last Night and Some Kentucky Fans Out There Didn't Like It

John Calipari posted a photo of him having dinner with Drake last night on Twitter today. Here's how Kentucky fans reacted to it.

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It's no secret that Drake is a big supporter of the University of Kentucky basketball program. So when Kentucky head coach John Calipari sent out this tweet earlier today, we weren't surprised at all:

The pre- @ESPYS party. Kidding. Dinner with my good friend @Drake. Fame hasn't moved this mega star.

Coach Cal and Drizzy are basically BFFs at this point. So the fact that they shared a meal together wasn't a shock.

But some Kentucky fans out there did not like it. They didn't like it one bit. Just check out some of the hate that Calipari and Drake received on Twitter after this photo went up:

@UKCoachCalipari he's the reason we lost b. Stop hanging with him
@UKCoachCalipari @ESPYS @Drake that's the most Drake looking picture ever. He's making the face that explains why I hate him.
@UKCoachCalipari Softer than the other side of my pillow.

Welp! Safe to say Drake isn't going to receive a standing ovation the next time he sets foot inside of Rupp Arena, eh?

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