Japanese Wrestler Fights for Real During Match, Beats the Crap Out of Her Opponent

Here's what happens when a wrestler fights for real during a match.

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Everybody knows that pro wrestling is "fake." The storylines are scripted. The outcomes of matches are predetermined. And while wrestlers might look like they're in a lot of pain in the ring, they're usually not (at least, not to the degree that you'd think). But what happens when a pro wrestler decides to fight for real in the middle of a match?

Let's just say that things get really uncomfortable for those watching. For proof of that, just take a look at what happened between Yoshiko and Act Yasukawa during a World Wonder Ring Stardom​ main event in Japan on Saturday. The match started off slow with both wrestlers doing the usual pro wrestling posturing. But before long, Yoshiko flipped the switch and started attacking Yasukawa. And when we say "attacking," we mean "not sticking to the script and pummeling Yasukawa into oblivion." By the end of the match, Yasukawa was covered in blood and, while that's sort of normal in wrestling, it's blood that was there because of the broken orbital bone, broken nose, and concussion that she reportedly suffered during the match. She was in bad shape:


It's unclear why Yoshiko went wild in the ring and destroyed her opponent. But as you can see, beginning at the 3:15 mark of the clip above, this fight didn't go as planned.

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