Jalen Rose Compares John Wall Spending $47,000 at the Strip Club to Russell Westbrook Donating $1 Million to UCLA

Rose calls it "charity work."

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Earlier this week, we showed you a video of John Wall making it rain at a strip club in Dallas. He reportedly spent almost $50,000 at the club and had dollar bills flying everywhere during his time there.

On an episode of the Jalen & Jacoby podcast that was recorded right after the video hit the Internet, Jalen Rose talked about what Wall did. And while some people criticized Wall for spending so much money at the strip club, Rose praised him for it and said that he was actually doing “charity work” in the club that night. He even went as far as to compare the $1 million donation that Russell Westbrookmade to UCLA recently to the $47,000 “donation” Wall made to a handful of dancers.

“Russell Westbrook and John Wall both did a great charitable thing,” he said. “Russell Westbrook, giving $1 million to UCLA, it’s noble, it’s recognizable, it’s something that’s going to create a legacy for his name for years to come. It’s philanthropic work. Now, the charity that John Wall did, that’s the charity that makes it to the hood, and it also is a donation to those who are working really hard to entertain adults that evening. And when a customer does come in and spends that type of cake, everyone leaves with full bags. And you know what? I support full bags!”

Rose went on to say that he doesn’t necessarily agree with the way Wall went about distributing the money—he insinuates that he used to hand his money to dancers at strip clubs rather than “make it rain” or “create a tsunami”—but he still thinks it was a good thing.

“My approach would be different,” he said, “but the premise still stands: He’s doing charity work. John Wall, a little bit different from Russell Westbrook, but he’s still contributing and giving back to the community.”

Well then. When you put it that way, maybe Wall should head to the strip club again this weekend!

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