John Wall probably doesn’t make as much money as he should right now—as he pointed out earlier this year, he’s currently making the same amount of money as Reggie Jackson—but he’s still got plenty of money in the bank thanks to his $80 million contract and his various endorsement deals. So over the weekend, he reportedly went out in Dallas after a game against the Mavericks and put some of that money to good use. Er, or to use, at least.

The Wizards star hit up the V Live strip club and made it rain and rain and rain some more, showering dancers with almost $50,000, according to TMZ Sports. In the video above, you can see Wall in the club with money flying around everywhere. And as you’d imagine, TMZ Sports is reporting that the dancers “LOOOOOVED Wall” as a result of all the money he parted ways with.

Check out the clip above to see Wall in action. Floyd Mayweather would be proud.

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[via TMZ Sports]