Hope Solo Is Again Going to Face Domestic Violence Charges for a 2014 Incident Involving Her Half-Sister and Nephew

The charges were originally dismissed but are back again.

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Back in June 2014, Hope Solowas involved in an incident at the home of her half-sister Teresa Obert​. There have been conflicting reports about exactly what happened that night—Obert alleges Solo beat up her and her son, while Solo alleges that her nephew hit her in the head and concussed her—but after the U.S. soccer star was charged with domestic violence a short time after the incident took place, she had the charges against her dropped earlier this year.

However, a Washington state appeals court just reversed a judge’s decision to drop the domestic violence charges against Solo, which means that she will once again need to prepare for a legal battle related to the charges. It’s unclear when her trial will start, but she will have to answer to the charges that she likely believed were behind her.

Obert did not have any comment when ESPN reached out to her today. Solo and her lawyers could not be reached. Stay tuned for additional details.

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