Harvard Students Are Trying to Prove "The Miracle of Tim Tebow" With Statistics

There HAS to be an explanation for Tebow's success, right?

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We have truly never seen an athlete like Tim Tebow. His haters say that he sucks, that he can't complete a pass, and that the Broncos option offense isn't going to work forever. His stans say he's the savior of Denver and that he just knows how to win. And neither side is willing to listen to the other one. So, who's right?

Well, a group of Harvard students known as the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (geez, guys: you even make sports sound nerdy!) has done a statistical study with the hopes of finding out. Titled "A Statistical Analysis of the Miracles of Tim Tebow," the study finds that Tebow's first five games have basically been a miracle. When the HSAC compared the Tebow Era to the Kyle Orton Era, they found that the Broncos should not be 5-1 so far on Tebow's watch. But they also found that Broncos fans shouldn't be too hyped, because the stats prove that Tebow's winning streak won't last for much longer—unless he improves his play dramatically and puts up better stats.

So, what did we learn from all of this? Well, not much. Except that Tim Tebow is a miracle worker and that a bunch of Harvard students are wasting their precious time trying to make sense of what he's doing. Shouldn't you guys be off curing cancer or challenging laws or something instead of studying sports so much? We'll do just fine on our own trying to make sense of this Tebow thing.

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