Gerald Green Threw a Sick Alley-Oop to Himself Against the Magic Last Night

He's lucky this worked.


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Trying to throw an alley-oop to yourself in the middle of a game and failing is a great way to earn yourself a spot on the bench. So Suns guard Gerald Green is lucky—very lucky—that the alley-oop that he threw to himself last night against the Magic went in.

That being said, Green's alley-oop was one of the better alley-oops that we've seen this season due to its high degree of difficulty. He attempted to drive to the hole, got stymied at the top of the key, and, rather than passing to a teammate, he threw the ball off the backboard, caught the ball himself, and threw down a dunk for two points. It looked like something you'd see in the middle of the NBA dunk contest but took place right in the middle of an NBA game.

Check out Green's crazy alley-oop in the clip above. Are you impressed with what he did?

[via Eye on Basketball]

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