Gerald Green Caught Thirsting Over Woman Who Walked by Suns' Bench During Game


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In order to be a successful NBA player, you need to be incredibly talented, incredibly prepared, and incredibly focused at all times. Er, at least, that's what we thought.

Gerald Green managed to drop 26 points in just 24 minutes against the Lakers last night, so he's got the "incredibly talented" and "incredibly prepared" parts down. But towards the end of the game, he looked anything but focused! In the GIF above, you can see a woman walk behind the Phoenix bench at the end of the fourth quarter of the game. And then, you can see Green try to subtly turn around and check the woman out without anyone notic…GOTCHA, GERALD!

He wasn't the only one who was distracted, either. At the end of the GIF, you can see several of his teammates eyeing the woman down as well. Stay focused, fellas!

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