Eagles Fans Are Going Absolutely Bonkers at the Super Bowl Parade in Philly

Eagles fans are letting out more than 50 years of pent-up aggression during the team's Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia on Thursday.

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It’s been more than 50 years now since Philadelphia Eagles fans have been able to celebrate a title. The last time the team won a championship was way back in 1960, which was almost a decade before the first Super Bowl was held.

So, when the Eagles players, coaches, and staff roll through Philly on Thursday as part of the team’s Super Bowl parade, Eagles fans are expected to let loose. There are going to be millions of them crowding the city's streets to get a glimpse of their favorite team.

If you want to watch the Eagles parade, we’ve included a couple live streams that will show all the action above. We’re also going to document all of the crazy things Eagles fans do throughout the course of the parade below. Hopefully, Eagles fans will be on their best behavior. But after seeing the way things played out in Philly in the aftermath of Super Bowl LII on Sunday night, anything is bound to happen. Keep scrolling to see what's happening in the City of the Brotherly Love...

The first Eagles fans started showing up for the parade on Thursday before 3 a.m.:

A lot of them decided to get the party started early by cracking open beers and firing up karaoke machines:

By around 8 a.m., all of the good spots along the parade route started to fill up, which led to some fans taking drastic measures to get a better view:

Before things got too packed, one fan took the time to scatter his grandfather’s ashes along the parade route:

There were also some Eagles fans who went a little too hard in the early morning hours:

And this was all before the parade even started. Can you even imagine what else is going to happen?

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