Watch Dwyane Wade's First Press Conference as a Member of the Bulls

Dwyane Wade held his first press conference as a member of the Bulls on Friday.

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Dwyane Wade is officially a member of the Bulls. Well, technically, he’s been a member of the Bulls for almost a month now. But on Friday, Wade made things official official by sitting down in front of members of the Chicago media during his very first press conference as a Bulls player.

Things actually got off to a slow start after D-Wade was forced to wait for his wife Gabrielle Union to arrive:

Dwyane Wade: "This is one of those moments for me that is a dream come true. I'm a Chicago kid."

— K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) July 29, 2016

But once she walked in and got settled, Wade started things off by talking about how excited he is to be back in his hometown playing for the team that he dreamed about playing for as a kid:

Wade poised, humble & personable in introductory news conference. States "This is Jimmy Butler's team."

— Mark Schanowski (@MarkSchanowski) July 29, 2016

He touched on a number of other topics during the 45-minute press conference, too. He talked about how he spoke with Jimmy Butler prior to signing with Chicago before saying, in no uncertain terms, that the Bulls are Butler’s team:

"Rondo is someone I've competed against so much, but we were competing for championships. I want to play with a guy like that." -@DwyaneWade

— Chicago Bulls (@chicagobulls) July 29, 2016

He discussed his admiration for new Bulls player Rajon Rondo as well:

Wade: "Let’s clear up the notion Pat Riley orchestrated me getting out of in Miami. This is a place I wanted to be."

— Vincent Goodwill (@VinceGoodwill) July 29, 2016

Pat Riley’s name came up and Wade addressed his departure from the Heat head-on by saying that he didn’t leave Miami because of Riley:

Wade, on his sons moving to Chicago, "'They heard winter and they got scared."

— Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) July 29, 2016

And Wade even joked about his sons’ reactions to hearing that they were going to be living in Chicago for the foreseeable future:

It was a successful introduction all around unless, of course, you’re a Miami fan. If you are, this is a sight you probably didn't think you would ever see:

You can watch Wade's press conference in its entirety in the video above.

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