Dwight Howard Cried During First Hawks Press Conference: "There’s Gonna Be Some Memes"

Dwight Howard cried during his first press conference with the Hawks on Wednesday.

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Dwight Howard is happy he landed with the Hawks after opting out of his contract with the Rockets and becoming a free agent this summer. How happy? So happy that, during his first press conference with Atlanta on Wednesday, Howard broke down in tears at one point while talking about playing for the fourth NBA team of his 12-year career. He immediately acknowledged that the Internet was probably going to turn his crying face—which he covered up very quickly (he saw what you guys tried to do to LeBron!)—into a bunch of memes, but he powered through it and continued talking while wiping tears from his eyes.

"This is a real new beginning for me, and I’m happy to share that with my loved ones," he said, before he paused to regain his composure. "Oh man. There’s gonna be some memes."

Howard wasn’t the only Hawks player who was overcome with emotion, either. His new teammate Kent Bazemore talked about his decision to re-sign with Atlanta on Wednesday, too, and while he didn’t appear to shed any (visible) tears, he also got emotional as he talked about coming back to the ATL:

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We realize both of these guys just signed huge contracts—Howard inked a three-year deal for $70.5 million, while Bazemore signed a four-year contract worth $70 million—but do they know something about the Hawks that the rest of us don’t know?

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