Drake Received a Cease and Desist Letter From Kentucky After He Took a Photo With a Recruit

More bad news for Drake.

Today just isn't Drake's day, is it?

At the moment, the rapper is dealing with a bunch of ghostwriting accusations that Meek Millmade against him on Twitter late last night. He hasn't released a public statement on them yet, but in a private message that he sent to battle rapper Hitman Holla this afternoon, he said, "I signed up for greatness. This comes with it." And now, it seems he's dealing with another issue as a result of his relationship with the Kentucky basketball program.

According to a report released by Sporting News today, Kentucky was forced to send Drake a cease and desist letter after he took a photo with a recruit named Charles Matthews at the school's Big Blue Madness event last October. Apparently, the school claims it told Drake that he could not take any photos with recruits, seeing as how it would be considered an NCAA violation. But that didn't stop him from taking this shot with Matthews, who committed to Kentucky early last year but was still considered a recruit at the event:

Big Blue Madness was Crazy!!!' Loved It! pic.twitter.com/F65u44Pxo3

— hgthgh (@nichole0335) October 18, 2014

The good news for Drake is that Kentucky self-reported the violation, and it's not a violation that will result in any hefty punishments. Drake's relationship with Kentucky and, in particular, head coach John Calipariis also so strong that we doubt this incident will have any lingering effects. But if Drake attends Big Blue Madness again this year, we wouldn't expect the school to let him anywhere near a camera.

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[via Sporting News]

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